Brew Strength


Brew Strength is Brew Fitness’ signature class. Lasting forty minutes, Brew Strength blends high intensity interval training with the prototypical weight training. This full body workout features multiple muscle groups that switch each day, adding novelty and variety to your workouts. Over the course of the week, each muscle in the body will be targeted, providing the ultimate full body workout. Each workout will begin with the instructor explaining the movement patterns followed by a quick demonstration. From there, a timer will indicate when to begin each exercise followed by a rest period.

Brew Strength hosts a maximum of 18 people, allowing an intimate trainer-member relationship. With the small classes, trainers take the adequate amount of time to ensure proper body mechanics and movement patterns. Brew Strength also allows members to workout in pairs, providing camaraderie and motivation for each individual.  

Within each station, Brew Strength provides three movement patterns to meet your specific goals. Organized by color, Brew Strength consists of a cardio, foundational, and strength option. This workout structure allows members with very different fitness levels and goals to workout side-by-side without the need for an entirely separate class.

Brew Strength also offers modifications to accommodate members with injuries/exercise limitations of any variety. Throughout class, our trainers will move around the room, coaching members through proper movement patterns to prevent injury. 

Exercises in Brew Strength will incorporate body weight movements, bands, Rogue kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, TRX straps, and everything in between. The large variety of equipment ensures both a new, exciting workout each day and builds a dearth of knowledge that each member can apply in future workouts.

Brew Strength will benefit any individual, ranging from a highly active Marathon runner to a fitness novice looking to get into shape. These workouts specialize in improving muscle strength and endurance. The variety of exercises Brew Strength provides will contribute to weight loss, strength gain, muscle hypertrophy, improved balance/flexibility, enhanced mood, and overall higher quality of life. This is your Milwaukee Gym.

Brew STRENGTH: This is YOUR workout!