Keg To 6-Pack


Keg to 6-Pack is Brew Fitness’ signature core strengthening class. Encompassing all aspects of the core, Keg to 6-Pack’s heart-pounding workout will focus on your abdominals, obliques, lower back, hips and glutes to provide a complete core workout. This class will last about forty minutes and reach all levels of your core. Keg to 6-Pack changes both the structure and exercises each week to provide variety to your core workouts. 

Keg to 6-Pack will use a variety of equipment, including kettlebells, stability balls, medicine balls, TRX straps, Rogue barbells, and much more. Using a variety of stations, each core class will guarantee your core in its entirety has been worked. Each class will incorporate different work-rest ratios, providing a new challenge every week. Unlike conventional core class that focus primarily on the abdominals, Keg to 6-Pack will help build strength throughout your core. 

Keg to 6-Pack will help members not only transform their mid-section, but work to build foundational strength. Improving low back, knee, and hip pain, Keg to 6-Pack will also improve daily life. With a stronger core, members will see improvements in other areas of fitness, including daily activities.

Take your core strength to the next level with Brew Fitness Keg to 6-Pack!