Cardio Kickboxing


Brew Fitness’ Cardio Kickboxing combines traditional kickboxing with strength and cardiovascular movements into the ultimate workout. This forty-minute workout features traditional kicks, punches, jumps, and blocks combined with strength training moves to improve both strength and endurance. Small class sizes ensure each individual remains a priority for our instructors. Following the cues of the instructor and the beat of our up-tempo playlist, each participant will move seamlessly throughout the class. 

Cardio Kickboxing provides an excellent way to spice up anyone’s cardio routine. This class will not only help cardiovascular endurance, but work to improve strength, flexibility, and core stability as well. With modifications ready for each individual move, cardio kickboxing can meet the needs of any person looking to improve their fitness.

Brew Fitness provides both the bags and the gloves for each of these workouts. Participants also don’t need any experience to begin these classes. Our experienced instructors will take the time before and during each workout to ensure proper movement patterns and body mechanics. 

If you’re ready to sweat, you’re ready for Brew Fitness Kickboxing!