Total TRX


Standing for Total Resistance eXercise, TRX offers a full body workout designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Designed by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, the TRX straps use gravity and a participant’s body weight to improve functional strength. 

Brew Fitness’ Total TRX class features a mixture of TRX suspension training in conjunction with body-weight, core, cardio, and strength movements. Each TRX class accommodates a maximum of 16 participants and changes week-to-week, providing a unique workout experience with each visit. Total TRX will vary greatly from class to class. Certain workouts will focus on a particular muscle group and others will provide a full-body workout. 

Total TRX consists of different stations with up to two members per station. During the workout, participants will alternate between a TRX movement and a core, cardio, or strength exercise for an allotted period of time, followed by a rest period. Each workout will last around forty-five minutes and leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished. 

The suspension straps used during Brew Fitness’ TRX workout allows for quick and easy modifications. This helps people of all fitness levels to workout side by side; yet challenge them with each exercise. 

TRX works to build functional strength and stability throughout the body helping people engage in everything from everyday living activities like shoveling snow all the way to high performance endurance training like a half marathon. TRX also works to build core strength and stability while engaging other major muscle groups throughout the body. For example, using TRX straps, a participant can change an ordinary push-up into a full body movement simply by altering the straps. This is your Milwaukee Gym.

Put your body to the challenge today with Brew Fitness Total TRX.